Worship PAD is a simple feature used by worship ministries. The pads or worship pads create a sustain or ambience during the ministrations, in some cases supplying even the absence of a keyboardist in the band. In this article, discover a little more about this resource and how it can help you or the ministry you participate in.

This background is characterized by a continuous loop with slight variations, which keeps ringing all the time, just like some keyboards do in songs.

Due to the absence of chord change in the loop, the notes used to make this sound continuously sound are simpler, often composed by 1 or 2 repeated notes in different octaves. This does not totally damage the music, but as we will speak below, it requires some care.

See an example below of our Pads, distributed by WorshipPadsFree.com:

See for example below the song I Surrender (I surrender) of the band Hillsong, it begins with a PAD and soon enters the guitar. The difference in relation to the continuous pads is that they have a keyboard player, who will change the chords along with the other instruments.

The ideal thing is to have a keyboardist in the band playing the PADs or use Samplers / VS, thus allowing the pad to accompany the chord changes of the song, but we understand that it is not so simple to get a keyboard player. The other alternative is to use Samplers or MultiTracks, something that requires a lot of training and maturity of the band, which is also a problem for musicians with little experience. That’s why the Worship Pad appears as an excellent alternative.

Who should use it?

Any musician or ministry, even those who own keyboardists. From a solo musician accompanied by his guitar to a complete band (guitar, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard).

Do not use as a playback, it is not possible to use without the aid of another instrument that makes the base of music, the harmony of music.

How to use?

We’ve created an exclusive post explaining how to use this feature, click the link to access: “How to use the Worship Pads?”

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