Learn in this article how to use Free Worship Pads and tips for using our Free Pads.

If you have questions about what a Worship Pad is, read our article on the subject: “What is Worship Pads? Or Ambiance Pads? “

How to use?

It works on most of the songs played in churches, without major difficulties. The first requirement is to know the tone and scale of the music, which will help you choose which PAD (Note) and Type (Normal for Major or Minor scales for minors scales).

In the example of a song on the C scale (C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, B / G or Bº), we choose the PADS in C of the Normal or Standard style, in this example the Pads will fit.

Worship Pads are not perfect …

You may encounter some problems with songs with complex chords or that change the scale while playing, songs that make note loans out of the standard range. In these cases the pads may conflict causing some discomfort or even the feeling of being out of tune.

Compare our demos

We’ve created several demonstrations with our PADs using small parts of some songs, which help you understand how PADs can be used.

In the articles below you can listen to the demos:

Demo Pads Free – Come Right Now – PlanetShakers

Demo Pads Free – This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham (excerpt)

Demo Pads Free – I Surrender – Hillsong

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